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StorageTek was a $2 billion worldwide company, with headquarters in Louisville, CO. It was purchased by SUN and then Oracle. StorageTek
delivered a broad range of storage solutions for digitized data.

After the purchase of Network Systems, the StorageNetworking product groups needed a way to educate and gain the mindshare of StorageTek’s sales& marketing groups. I designed SANformation and served as webmaster for the Intranet site to accomplish these goals.

Storage Networking

StorageTek purchased Network Systems Corporation. “network.com” was the global domain for NSC and I was the webmaster for the internet, extranet, and intranet.

Ongoing through 2001, I served as content manager and webmaster to integrate networking products into the StorageTek brand and world-wide websites. After the successful completion, I served as one of a seven-webmaster team for the StorageTek Interactive Team.


StorageTek Extranets  

StorageTek Extranets


StorageTek was a $2 billion worldwide company, with headquarters in Louisville, CO, that delivered a broad range of storage solutions
for digitized data.

Partners Extranet

The StorageTek Channel Partner site included the
tools and services partners need to successfully
grow their businesses.

I served as the webmaster , designer, and
networking products content manager for this site.

SUN Alliance Extranet

The SUN Alliance Partner site provided special
contact information for the partnership. It is
also the entryway into a Channel Partner Site.

I served as the webmaster and site designer.

Friends of Henry Park  

Friends of Henry Park

The Friends of Henry Park is a non-profit organization. The mission of the Friends of Henry Park is to promote the preservation, protection,
and establishment of Henry Park, a multi-acre section of the Mississippi bluff located in Highwood Hills of St. Paul, Minnesota.

I planned, designed, and implemented the Friends of Henry Park site for the organization to self-manage.

Marianne Richmond  

Marianne Richmond Studios

A gifted writer and artist, Marianne Richmond has touched the lives of millions over the past decades through her illustrations, writing, greeting card and gift company, Marianne Richmond Studios, Inc.

Her products are sold nationwide in more than 1200 gift shops as
well as in major retail accounts including Target and many book stores.

In 1991, Marianne launched her company with 20 card designs. Ten years later, she offered more than 400 designs on cards, notes and invitations, plus many gift books including "The Gift of an Angel", for parents welcoming a new child, and The Gift of a Memory, a keepsake to commemorate the loss of a loved one.

TCI planned, designed, implemented and maintains the Marianne Richmond site. The site includes an SQL database, secure sales rep
resources, and an online store.

I designed several unique websites for her over the years.

Waldman Press  

Waldman House Press

Best known for publishing the beloved holiday classic, "A Cup of Christmas Tea" and "Peep", Waldman House Press are quality publishers of uplifting books to warm your soul. Great effort is given to producing unique books of excellence with wide appeal.

Waldman House Press is a long standing quality press also dedicated to creating exquisite books. Founded in 1978 by Ned Waldman, the company was acquired by TRISTAN in 2003. Part of their award-winning title list includes best sellers such as "A Cup of Christmas Tea," "PEEF the Christmas Bear," and "The Next Place."

The site I created included a full catalog as well as an online store.

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